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If you have a problem between appointments we may be able to fine-tune your care by phone, but it is preferable for the doctor to see you in person. Many times our doctors do not return calls until late in the afternoon or early evening, however you may receive a response sooner from one of our nurses.

  • It is our general policy not to prescribe
    new medications over the phone.
  • Long-term medication renewals may be handled over the phone if you remain under active care of our practice.
  • You may use our prescription line, which may
    take up to two business days for processing of the renewal.
  • If you are calling for a renewal on pain medication,
    only the physician in our practice who is in charge
    of your care can handle this.
  • Do not call for pain medication renewals after
    hours or on weekends.
  • If you do call for a prescription renewal please have available the name of the medication, the dose and how you take it as well as the name and phone number of the pharmacy.

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