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Gastrointestinal Associates Announces a New, Virtually Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment

Physician-Patient Relationship

Canceled or Missed Appointments

Colorectal Cancer Screening Benefits

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Gastrointestinal Associates Announces a New, Virtually Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment

Gastrointestinal Associates, Inc. Removes the Need for Hemorrhoid Surgery with a Unique and Painless Procedure Performed in Less Than a Minute

New, Patented Procedure Now Available in Montgomery and Bucks County

Hemorrhoids can mask symptoms of colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and until now, painful surgery was frequently recommended to treat hemorrhoids. Riverside GI Group is now providing a treatment protocol that is clinically proven and utilizes the proprietary and patented CRH O’Regan SystemTM, which is effective, safe and painless.

The CRH O’Regan SystemTM is only available to consumers through specially trained and licensed medical providers. This highly effective (99.1%), minimally invasive procedure is performed in the office in less than 60 seconds. This method offers a significant advance in the rubber band ligation technique for effective outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids. Unlike other techniques that use a metal clamp to grasp the hemorrhoid during banding, the CRH O’Regan SystemTM uses a smaller and gentler suction device to minimize discomfort and complications.

“This method is faster, more accurate and has virtually no downtime for patients,” said Dr. Roger Smith, medical director of the Riverside GI Group. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to perform a procedure that provides the patient with the finest pain-free care.”

While other methods rely on re-usuable instrumentation, the patented CRH O’Regan SystemTM instrument is 100% disposable and single use. This eliminates the risk of transferring infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C from patient to patient due to inadequately sterilized instrumentation. The CRH-O’ Regan Disposable Hemorrhoid Banding System is the only treatment that requires no pre-or post pain medication, virtually no recovery time and is covered by insurance.

Dear Patient of Gastrointestinal Associates, Inc.:

Our physician-patient relationship is of utmost importance to us. We welcome the opportunity to provide medical care and treatment to you and encourage your active participation in your care.

In formulating our physician-patient relationship, we need to bring to your attention the escalating malpractice crisis in Pennsylvania and the resulting inability to retain competent physicians to practice in our community. In particular, malpractice awards in Philadelphia County have reached such outrageous levels that they are draining the resources available for physicians to properly focus on patients.

We ask for your support for our efforts to contain the malpractice crisis. Just prior to your visit with us, we will ask that you read the statement listed below.

Any legal claim or civil action, including but not limited to, a claim for medical malpractice in any way related to the medical services provided to you by any physician in this practice shall be brought solely in the courts of Montgomery county, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If you agree, you will be asked to sign a form accepting these terms. We thank you in advance for your understanding. Together we can work toward providing the best environment for the care of our patients.

There is, currently, a high demand for gastrointestinal care. When patients cancel their appointments at the last minute or fail to show up for their appointments, it contributes to the problem by preventing other patients from being seen in a timely fashion. In order to help stem this problem, therefore, we will institute a charge of $25 for canceled or missed appointments without 24 – hours notice.

News: Notice to Medicare Beneficiaries:
Colorectal Cancer Screening Benefits Began on July 1, 2001

If you are eligible for Medicare and are considered to be at “average risk” for colorectal cancer, you can now receive screenings as part of your benefits. Several options are available to Medicare recipients to allow for early detection of colorectal cancer. Certain guidelines apply, and you should speak with your physician about family history, past screenings and which screening method is best for you.